Is it okay to combine Wildcrafter coffee blends?

Yes! We love to combine our blends!  Wildcrafter Botanical's resident all day coffee drinkers--like myself--are especially fond of this approach. If you typically brew a large batch of coffee for yourself or others, you will appreciate knowing that combining our blends is both safe and delicious.

Our standard recommendation is to consume no more than 3 cups daily of one single blend, so you would need to incorporate additional blends to your brew if you wanted to make an 8 or 12 cup pot of coffee for example.

Our general recipe for success is 2 Tablespoons of ground coffee per 8 fluid ounces of filtered water (use less water if you like stronger coffee). Remember that most coffee brewers consider one cup of coffee to be equal to 5 fluid-ounces, whether it is a percolator or a drip brewer. Therefore, a 40-48 fluid-ounce pot would need about 10-12 tablespoons of Wildcrafter Botanicals coffee. I use 6 Tbsp of our Immune Blend and 6 Tbsp of our Focus blend for a 40 fluid-ounce percolator, add organic half & half, and I have my perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy!

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