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  • Rhonda Simpson

    I received three different varieties of boxes for Defend, Focus and Energy.  I felt my son most likely spent a lot of money getting these to me.  NOT ONE WORKS WITH MY KEURIG MACHINE!  And it is a 2.0.  They EXPLODE AND COFFEE GOES EVERY WHERE.  What a mess!  The bottom of the K cup needs to be FLAT.

    Basically, he has wasted his money and I really wanted to try these.  Guess I'll have to keep shopping until I find something better.

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  • Support

    Dear Rhonda, we are sincerely sorry you had this experience. This shouldn't happen but sometimes it does.

    There are a number of possible causes, but most commonly it is related to a puncture issue either at the top or bottom of the pod. We are one of the few companies that use #5 recyclable plastic, which is more firm than other non-recyclable plastics. If the hole is not dead center on the lid, it may be a lid placement issue by the robotic machine. Your pods may need to be pre-punctured prior to brewing to release the pressure inside, particularly in higher elevations. To do this simply drop the pod into the pod chamber and push down slowly and firmly so that the bottom of the pod is punctured by the exit needle in the bottom of the chamber.

    Kup mis-brews are also caused by machine maintenance or using “hard” tap water, with the single most common issue being a clogged piercing needle from the top needle having coffee grounds clogging the piercing needle hole. The best remedy being the simple use of a paper clip type object to push through the coffee ground clog. Occasionally the piercing needle will also become dull from years of use which requires machine replacement.

    Our pod grounds can also be used on a French Press, Percolator, or a Drip Brewing machine.

    Please let us know if the above helps. If it does not help we can take the next steps in getting you taken care of. You can email us anytime at support@wildcrafter.com


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